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Related article: most popular of competitions at St. Andrew's, should not be main- taining its place, but on the con- trary should be going steadily back. Some of the members of the club attribute its decline to the use of the new course, and at the spring meeting they put forward the proposal that a return should be made to the old one in order to attract back competitors. They recognise that there are a great many golfers who take objection 248 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Sbitembbk to the new course, if not as a practice Ciprofloxacin Online Pharmacy ground, at any rate as a place for an important com- petition, and they point out that in the Ciprofloxacin Buy month of August when the Calcutta Cup is played for, it is especially arduous. There is also a body of golfers who take exception to the method of handi- capping. The system is not to allow strokes at particular holes as is done in most English clubs, but to give a start of so many holes and then make the men play hole by hole on even terms. It is obvious that, while this arrangement may very well suit men whose play is nearly equal — say, divided by two or three or four strokes in the club handicap- it places at a great disadvantage the long handicap man who is drawn against a man with a short handicap. Take the case of a man allowed a start of 8 holes drawn against a scratch man. There is at least a difference of a half one in their play, and under this arrangement it is necessary that the inferior player abandon his own game and endeavour to play that of his opponent. Like the frog who wished to swell him- self to the dimensions of the cow, he is doomed to failure. Where Can I Buy Ciprofloxacin He presses at the tee, he tries to carry bunkers he never carried in his life, he takes his play club when he ought to use his cleek or iron, and he commits many more mistakes, and does justice neither to himself nor to his opponent. Put Mr. John Ball on St. Andrew's, and give him as opponent an 18 stroke man. According to the Calcutta Cup method the latter would not be entitled to nearly so much, but give him a start of 18 holes. Can there be any doubt that Mr. Ball would win every hole, and that his opponent would make an egregious fool of himself? One has only to look at the results of the play at St. Andrew's last month to see how the thing works out. In the first round wherever there was a difference of four or more holes in the allowance, the player with the smaller number won the match with one excep- tion. The exception was the case of Mr. C. E. Todd, who, with an allowance of seven holes, beat Surgeon -Major Duncan with an allowance of three, but Nemesis overtook Mr. Todd in the second round, where he was decisively beaten by Mr. Norman Boase, one of the scratch players. It is possible, therefore, that the decline of interest in the comj)etition may be quite as much due to the method of handicapping as to the use of the new course, for when men find themselves year after year knocked out in the early rounds, they naturally get disheartened, and refrain from entering. After the first round there was a good . deal of close play. Dr. A. H. Vassie, who last year was defeated by Mr. G. Leslie Smith, met that gentleman in the second round, and thus had an oppor- tunity for revenge. He had gone round in the morning in 82, a distinctly good performance, so that his friends were not without confidence in him. But with Mr. Leslie Smith he allowed his short game to deteriorate ; and although in all other departments he played well, he found his opponent too strong for him again, and lost by 3 up and 2 to play. Poor Mr. Finlay played a splendid Buy Ciprofloxacin Uk game against Mr. F. £. Harding, winning by 3 up and 2 to play. The finalists were Mr. W. Hill- man and Mr. H. Heywood Ball, both of whom, throughout the earlier stages of the competi- tion, had shown excellent form. In the final neither was seen at his best. Just when they ■ 897] *• OUR VAN.* 249 ^were Buy Ciprofloxacin 500mg starting a storm of thun-